Manage fiber network
  > at the next level.
  • Leverage network insight
  • Minimize service disruption
  • Streamline field operation
  • Optimize network design
  • Increase network utilization
  • Enhance services and marketing
When it's time to seriously manage your fiber network to become a leader in the highly competitive environment, it's vital to have the most qualified and proven tools at your disposal to overcome the challenges confronting in your way.
Holistic management of fiber network
Supports almost every functions required for fiber network management.
  • Fiber network design
  • Field survey
  • Field installation
  • Maintenance operation
  • Fault resolution, impact assessment
  • Services, sales and marketing analytics
Unprecedented standout features
Equipted with useful functions that address operational challenges.
  • Thematic style
  • Shematic view
  • Core trace and distance trace
  • Attenuation loss projection
  • Design automation and woarkspace
  • Optimum route finder
  • Fault locator and incident management
Carrier-grade exception qualification
Designed with purpose to serve up-to country-scale network operators.
  • Full web-based
  • Native mobile application
  • Open for integration
  • High availability
  • High security
  • Highly scalable
Full functional on most vital aspects
Intuitive geographical modeling of fiber network.
  • Core network, access network, last-mile, FTTx
  • Geographical fiber network model
  • Logical network model - topology, services, circuit, route
  • Supported facilities - building, access point, pole, conduit
  • Registration records - customer, document, permission, incident
Network Insight
  • Fiber network model
  • Geographical view
  • Thematic style
  • Core trace
  • Schematic view
  • Insight dashboard
Be able to observe every bits of your network details to learn the insights and get the most out of it.
Get visual insight of cable utilization at a glace in map view.
Visualize end-to-end core connection in automatically generated core schematic.
Different view of network to suite your need.
Geographic view on different base map and street view.
Hierarchy view, properties view and more details in tabular view.
Automatically generated Schematic view with interactivities.
Be able to observe the fiber distance in anny stages or regions.
Be able to observe number of cores available in different categories.
Service Disruption
  • Monitor alarm
  • Locate fault
  • Assess impacts
  • Find alternate routes
  • Record incidents
Monitor unexpected fault in real-time. Find the fiber-cut location immediately after the incident. Be able to generate impacts assessment reports to proper remedy for services and customers in priorities. Collective records of disruptions can be used for further analysis and to devise for preventive actions.
Effectively reduce time to locate fault from hours to minutes.
Learn which cores are in service on any specific cable segment.
Field Operation
  • Work synchronized with network model
  • Track availability and assigned services
  • Manage job with tasks and authorization
  • Track work progress and status
  • Streamline network rollout acceptance
  • Estimate cost and generate BOM
  • Access data on the go with smartphone
Keeps everyone on the same page at the most up-to-date fiber network model is the key to synchronize their operations to more precise and less collaborative hassles. The job and task management, as well as mobile device support, raise the operational process to more agile.
Effectively reduce time to locate fault from hours to minutes.
Fiber-cut? Knows which cores connect to what end and who got the impact.
Discover new ways to do things more efficiently while in the field, including many of those that could never before be a viable option.


Field Insight
Field Survey
Field Maintenance
Field Installation

Useful Cases:

View configuration details and splices
Track service cores, find cut position
Capture and upload image and progress status
View attached documents
Network Design
  • Automated network design
  • Create route follow the road
  • Estimate loss budget and signature
  • Visualize the design in schematic view
The optimum design of new network results in significantly reduce the investment budget, despite the great effort and time that always required during the process. The design automation and analytics tool is a must for the designer to work at their best, especially when the network is vast and complex.
Effectively reduce design effort and time.
Assistive automated design tools to achieve optimum design.
Network Utilization
  • Find optimized routes on existing network
  • Model network occupation and services
  • Trace fiber core usage and availability
  • Realize utilization at a glance in thematic map
  • Track performance with utilization dashboard
If your network is an invaluable asset that must be utilized to the last drop, the visibility of your fiber network is a must. The utilization insight of the entire fiber network can help your team to plan for maximizing the usage. While the built-in Find Route function can advise the shortest route underlying target end-points.
Visualize cable utilization in different color in map view.
Reduce time to find optimum route from days to minutes.
Integrate confidently with standard based modular computing and OSS environment.
Integrated Environment
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